Portrait Session

Black and White Imagery

Timeless Portraits by BG Photography creates timeless and elegant images that have a depth and emotion unlike any other style of portraiture. We specialise in stunning Black and white images that capture the moment, yet endure the test of time.

Striking portraits that capture the essence of the subjects, no need to worry about smiling or faking for the camera, an image of you as you are, will have more impact upon your walls. These are more than just portraits, they are your own works of art. We offer you the chance of having a unique family portrait that you will keep on your wall for years to come and pass down to future generations.

The concept is simple, simple plain clothing allows us to make the face the focal point of the image and combined with gorgeous lighting the final images are produced using special processing to give full impact producing emotional Fine Art Black and White photographs.

We ask that you and your family wear  plain simple outfits, black and white images work best when there are no distractions from the face, therefore keep your clothing choices simple.  Please do not wear patterns or logos. It is also worth noting that our images are almost exclusively half length or head shots,  this is because we are looking to the face as the focal point of the images. Sessions usually last 45 minutes.

We offer two types of session

Print Session

Session Booking Fee £35

Includes a 7 by 5" Print

Digital Session

Session Booking Fee £295

Includes 5 digital images


After the session we will choose the best images and edit them to a professional standard.

After your session we will make an appointment for you to view your  images in our studio.  At this preview show you may order as many or as few pictures as you wish. Please make sure that all parties involved in the decision making are in attendance at this viewing. Please allow between 1 to 2 hours for viewing your images.

You can choose to have your images upon one of many different framing options from our Products range.